About Redo


All redo* products are made with a love for craft. We believe that the character of each everyday product we use should be unique. As a result every redo* item is a product of a well-thought function, size and combination of materials and colors.


The idea of reDO was born in Barcelona, where its head designer, Maria Mavroudi, finished her postgradute studies on Architecture.

The love for bags always existed. While living in Barcelona, she became a fan of urban cyclism and started expressing her creativity in designing bags for every type of woman.

A bag, according to Maria, is an extremely important accessory, since it enriches with its own unique view her simple, elegant and minimal style. Her bags are modular, can change shape and can be used in many different ways, accompanying a woman throughout the day.


Visit us at our laboratory in the center of Athens, Asklipiou Str. 67, where you can take a close look at all our different designs, materials, or you can have a coffee while watching the "making of a bag".

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 15.00 pm to 20.00 pm

 Saturday 11.30 am to 15.30 pm 


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